Westlake Village Automatic Stay Lawyer

Stop Harassing Calls, Lawsuits and Other Debt Collection Activity

People who have just filed for bankruptcy relief notice one thing right away — the phone stops ringing. The filing of a bankruptcy petition prohibits a creditor from taking any action that existed as of the time the petition was filed to collect a debt. This includes calling the debtor on the phone, sending the debtor notices, charging interest, garnishing wages, or further reporting to credit agencies. This feature of bankruptcy is known as the automatic stay.

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The automatic stay promotes several essential objectives of bankruptcy. By preventing creditors from dealing directly with the debtor on particular obligations, it helps assure fair treatment of creditors holding similar kinds of claims. Aggressive creditors will enjoy no advantage over more patient ones. The automatic stay also protects assets by keeping wages, bank balances and most kinds of personal property out of a creditor's reach without specific permission of the Bankruptcy Court. Not the least of the benefits of the automatic stay is the relief from debt collection pressure that it offers the debtor.

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California law even allows you to enjoy some protection from creditors before you file your petition under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. When creditors know you are represented by a lawyer related to their attempts at debt collection, they are no longer allowed to deal with you directly to collect their claims. Westlake Village automatic stay attorney Jacqueline Y. Blade can help you relieve creditor pressure while your bankruptcy petition and schedules are being prepared, or even while you are deciding whether to file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case.

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