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Divorce lawyer Jacqueline Y. Blade assists her clients in protecting their investments as they go through divorce. Sometimes, obtaining a fair and balanced property division settlement requires vigorous, aggressive representation and investigation. Other times, it requires diplomacy and creative negotiations.

Our Westlake Village, California, law firm has experience in drafting creative property settlements that protect your investments and foster agreement with the other spouse. Put our resources to work for you.

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Emerge From Property Division With a Stable Financial Future

The decisions you make regarding property and investment division in a divorce can have long-term financial impact on both you and any involved children. A business valuation is important, but proffering a division of that asset should still protect the interests of the business. A retirement plan should not necessarily be cashed out early simply to satisfy division requirements. There are acceptable ways to help you navigate through this troubled path in a manner that allows you to achieve a stable financial future—and we will work to find them.

What Works Best for You

We view your financial situation from a variety of perspectives that include:

  • > Is it in your best interest to negotiate a time frame to stay in the home, say until the children are 18?
  • > Would it make sense for you to receive mortgage support with less spousal support?
  • > Is it more prudent for both parents to move out of the home and rent until the property value of the home increases?
  • > Would it make sense to file for bankruptcy prior to filing for divorce?

We can help you analyze your financial situation and determine a course of action that meets your goals and objectives.

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