Ventura County Property Lawyer

At the Law Office of Jacqueline Y. Blade, we find you the most effective ways of addressing property division problems in divorce that present complex issues of high-value asset distribution. In some situations, the primary problem will be one of community or separate property characterization; in others, determining accurate asset values will be the most significant challenge.

If you anticipate that the most difficult issues in your divorce will be those related to property division, contact our law firm in Westlake Village. We can help you define practical and achievable objectives based on an accurate understanding of the marital community, and then chart a path toward achieving your goals through creative negotiation, mediation or litigation as necessary to protect and advance your interests.

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We help clients resolve any of the property division complications that can arise in a California divorce or legal separation, including the unique problems characteristic of high-income spouses or high net worth marital estates. These include:

  • > Community or separate property characterization issues;
  • > Asset valuation problems related to vacation homes, time share interests or recreational property;
  • > Business asset valuation, including the value of interests held by either spouse in closely held corporations or professional practices;
  • > Identification and recovery of assets that were not disclosed or that were transferred improperly from the marital estate;
  • > Prenuptial or post-marital agreements;
  • > Community property located in other states or foreign countries;
  • > Proper accounting for marital debts and liabilities, including contingent obligations such as personal guaranties of business debt

Our law firm serves clients in Ventura County including communities such as Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, Simi Valley and Westlake Village. We are also active in West Los Angeles, Woodland Hills and Malibu. To learn more about the ways we can advise and advocate for you in a divorce that raises complex property division issues, contact attorney Jacqueline Y. Blade in Westlake Village.