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At the Law Office of Jacqueline Y. Blade, our family law practice is based on experience, skill and close attention to individual client needs. Unlike other areas of law practice, divorce and family law offer little specific guidance beyond broad principles that must be applied to facts that cover a wide range of personal circumstances and family situations. In other words, the right thing to do in a family law problem isn't so much a matter of understanding a specific legal rule as it is applying a general rule to your own priorities, goals and needs.

Our objective is to develop a strong relationship with each client we serve, so that attorney and client alike can be confident that the strategies we recommend for your situation are closely matched not only to the demands of the immediate problem, but also protect long-range interests and relationships. As a result, our practice is marked by close attention to detail and open communication with the clients we work with.

One way clients benefit from our firm's approach is the way our recommendations can often translate directly into realistic and constructive negotiation strategies. California family law favors the negotiated settlement of disputes between divorcing spouses and parents, and negotiation is the best way to retain maximum control of your own outcome. When necessary, however, Jacqueline Blade's litigation experience can also protect your interests in court.

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Examples of the kinds of family law problems we handle include:

Find out how our close attention to the nuances of your situation can pay dividends through better results and a less stressful divorce or family court experience. For the practical advice of an experienced Westlake Village family lawyer, contact the Law Office of Jacqueline Y. Blade.