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Can You Benefit From a Non-adversarial Approach to Your Family Law Problem?

Family court litigation can be a self-destructive exercise. No matter who wins or loses a particular dispute, the expenses of litigating a contested issue will ultimately come out of the community property, and make it that much harder for each spouse to start a new life as a single person.

At the Law Office of Jacqueline Y. Blade, we understand that taking a dispute to court is sometimes necessary to protect vital interests, but in most cases, we can help you find a quicker, less stressful and far less costly way to achieve your objectives. Most frequently, mediation is the means for achieving essential divorce and family law goals without taking it to court. To work with a lawyer who knows how to help you get the most out of mediation on any disputed issue in your case, contact us in Westlake Village.

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The goal of mediation is not to declare winners and losers on contested issues. Instead, the objective is to facilitate settlement by the parties themselves, usually with the assistance of an experienced family law attorney trained in mediation and alternative dispute resolution techniques. The main role of the mediator is to help the parties keep the discussion on a positive track, to narrow points of disagreement and to build up areas of common ground.

Although a mediator cannot force the parties into settlement, the mediator's comments on the relative strength of each party's position will usually be helpful for establishing, adjusting or reinforcing further negotiation strategies. In most cases, however, one or more mediation sessions will eventually lead to a mutually acceptable agreement on issues ranging from community property division to child custody, visitation and support.

Mediation is mandatory in Southern California courts in disputes between parents over custody or visitation arrangements. In other words, you will not be able to attend a contested hearing in court until you have first mediated your case. Both parents and all children six years and older must attend. Voluntary mediation on other divorce and family law issues can also be highly effective for defining your own solutions to complex problems.

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