In a Chapter 7, the biggest benefit to a typical debtor is that most unsecured debt is dischargeable. Once a debt is discharged in a bankruptcy it goes away forever and never has to be paid.

Dischargeable Debt: A Clean Slate

At the Law Office of Jacqueline Y. Blade, we help people resolve their debt problems and get a fresh financial start. We are an experienced debt-relief law office that can help. Our Ventura area Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney will help you make an informed decision about bankruptcy, and explain the different types of bankruptcy, differences between them and whether you qualify. We can help you determine the best plan for your individual case in moving forward toward financial security.

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What Debts Can I Discharge?

Generally, almost all unsecured debt can be discharged under both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Unsecured debt includes:

  • > Credit card debt
  • > Medical bills
  • > Old income taxes (with some restrictions)
  • > Loans & judgments

What Debts Are Nondischargeable?

Most debts are dischargeable in a Chapter 13 except unscheduled debts, old taxes in which no return (or untimely return) was filed, and the following:

  • > Student loans
  • > Child and spousal support
  • > Debt incurred as a result of fraud
  • > Debt resulting from malicious or willful tort judgment
  • > Punitive damages
  • > Criminal fines
  • > Drunk driving judgments
  • > Tax liability less than three years old

Even though mortgages are generally nondischargeable, junior liens can be stripped under Chapter 13 in certain situations. Also, under recent anti-deficiency law passed in California, there is still some protection available. Our bankruptcy attorney can explain how this law affects your particular situation.

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