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Parents owe a fundamental and equal responsibility for child support in California whether in a divorce, legal separation or paternity suit. Child support is probably the least flexible issue that comes up in these types of proceedings. Agreements that limit support or have the effect of contracting away the child's right to support are not respected by the Court. Parents cannot negotiate a child support obligation that falls significantly short of the amount called for under the state child support guidelines, and a prenuptial agreement that reduces or waives a child support obligation is void as against public policy. Because the right to support belongs to the child, not the parent collecting it, parents can only do so much to vary their obligations to support their own children.

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The support obligation is established under a guideline formula based on both parents' income (or ability to pay), the number of children to be supported, and other factors such as the percentage of custodial time the child spends with each parent. In many cases, however, the figure indicated by the guidelines should be adjusted to reflect health insurance payments, union dues, mandatory contributions to retirement benefits, taxable deductions for mortgage interest, insurance and property taxes, or supported children from other relationships. In some cases, difficulties may arise in determining each parent's income accurately if a parent is self-employed, underemployed, or found to be engaged in deliberate suppression of income.

Support attorney Jacqueline Y. Blade will help you understand the factors used to calculate child support under California law. With that information, you can then examine the specific circumstances of your case to determine the approximate amount an initial child support order would likely be, or to see whether there is sufficient evidence to modify an existing order. Ms. Blade can advise you of the strategies that can help you achieve your goals while keeping the stress and expense of any actual or potential dispute to a minimum.

The Law Office of Jacqueline Y. Blade works with clients on initial child support determinations, modification of existing support obligations based on new circumstances, and enforcement of child support payments that have gone into default.

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