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Divorcing parents and people ending domestic partnerships generally agree that they want what is best for their children. They just differ on what exactly that might mean.

At the Law Office of Jacqueline Y. Blade, we emphasize the common interests you do have and agree on and seek to build a child custody plan that definitively protects your interests, offers a healthy environment for your children and continues to foster agreement and cooperation with the other side.

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Child custody and divorce lawyer Jacqueline Y. Blade has been helping mothers and fathers in the Los Angeles County and Ventura area resolve challenging custody issues since 2004. If you are seeking a tough advocate who will be honest and straightforward while aggressively protecting your rights, please contact us.

Minimize the Impact of the Divorce on the Children

The more contentious the divorce, the harder it is on the children. Ongoing conflict is one of the most destructive influences in a child's life. The California courts require frequent and continuous contact between the children and both parents. Your ability to work with the other parent is crucial to a successful parenting relationship. When a parent is uncomfortable about having the child spend time with the other parent, we think creatively and use the law to develop what is considered a "step-up" parenting plan that can be reassuring to both sides and ease the negative impact on the child. Parenting time is built up over time with a structured parenting plan that supervises or monitors the situation every step along the way of the divorce until it becomes a normal parenting plan.

Relocation and Your Child's Best Interests

There are many reasons some parents want to move away after separation or divorce. Whether it is inability to afford living in the present area or a desire to be closer to family and a support system, the decision becomes emotionally charged for everyone involved. There are many factors the court will consider when either preventing or approving a proposed move. We have successfully navigated clients on both sides of the issue and can provide you with sound guidance about your options.

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