Understanding Your Lien Avoidance Options in a Debt Repayment Bankruptcy

Although Congress has yet to allow for the renegotiation or modification of home mortgages in bankruptcy, people who have no equity in their homes have the ability to avoid certain mortgage liens through the procedure known as lien or mortgage stripping. This can be a powerful tool for improving your ability to stay in your home while reducing your monthly payments on mortgage debt. To find out how lien stripping might work in your situation, contact the Law Office of Jacqueline Y. Blade in Westlake Village.

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The term lien stripping refers to the bankruptcy procedure of avoiding a security interest in property that is worth less than the amount owed. If you owe more on your first mortgage than the value of your home, the liens represented by any second mortgage, home equity line of credit or other secured credit balances can be stripped away in Chapter 13 bankruptcy. When there is no equity at all to meet the claims of creditors holding junior mortgages or liens, those liabilities will be regarded as unsecured claims treated the same as any other debts owed to unsecured creditors.

Lien stripping is typically accomplished by objecting to the junior mortgagee's claim and presenting evidence that the value of the home is worth less than the balance owed on the first mortgage or any other senior lien.

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Attorney Jacqueline Y. Blade can tell you whether this lien stripping strategy will be effective in your case, and advise you about ways it can help you reduce your monthly payments on current claims against your home. For an experienced lawyer's advice about lien stripping in Southern California bankruptcy, contact Ms. Blade's office in Westlake Village.

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